Everyone who purchases a festival ticket will need to purchase a camping ticket – they’re separate and it’s per person, i.e. everyone who is camping needs a ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday 18th is the main day for the festival which is what is included in the festival ticket. Entertainment on Friday 17th is exclusive for campers and separate to the main festival lineup – you will need to purchase a camping ticket to gain access to the Friday night. 


Friday night entry: 3pm – 10pm

Saturday entry: 7am – 4pm

Sunday: Camp site closes at 3pm


The festival has been extended from just the Saturday (one day) to the Friday night too – punters will be able to enjoy a night full of entertainment with a full lineup of dj’s and a silent disco activated later into the wee hours, food trucks, fully operating bar and more!

PLEASE NOTE: there will no longer be any entry for non-campers – Friday night is exclusive to campers so if you wish to attend, you must purchase a camping ticket. 


You can kick off the weekend with a bang and begin your Mountain Sounds experience the right way! Fancy dress theme: ‘Magic Mountain’


If you don’t feel like purchasing or setting up a tent with your friends, we’re offering affordable and boutique tent hire via our friends at Wow Tents!

Please note: camping tickets are separate to Wow Tents, you will need to purchase a camping ticket on top of hiring a Wow Tent.




Friday Night: a system will be in place which limits the amount of people (and time) allowed in the car park. This system also means that you will be searched each time you enter the camp site.

Saturday: there will be strictly NO PASS OUTS for campers from the festival back into camp site due to licensing restrictions.

However, we will be providing a locker service within the festival where campers can store their belongings securely. The sizes of the lockers are limited and it is advised that bags and clothing will have to be stored in your tents or on your campsite. Lockers will have phone charging power outlet facilities with them too!


If you are bringing a vehicle or caravan to sleep in, you MUST pre-purchase an RV Parking pass to do so. You will also need one festival admission ticket and camping ticket per person. 

Passes are available per vehicle and are separate (and on top of) camping tickets. Each individual will need to purchase a camping ticket on top of their RV pass. You will NOT need a parking ticket if you have an RV pass.

You will not be allowed to park and sleep in the campers car park, there will be a designated area for RV’s and similarly, no tents will be allowed in the RV area. The RV area is ONLY for vehicles designed to be slept in such as camper vans, or towed devices such as caravans or camper trailers. No sedans or motorbikes are allowed in this area also. 


By purchasing a parking ticket, you are eligible to park your car in our dedicated punter carpark for the entire duration of the festival, whether you are camping or not. Tickets can be purchased for $20. You will NOT need a parking ticket if you have an RV pass.

However, if you arrive with 4 people in the car, or 3 if you’re camping, parking will be free. This is to encourage car pooling and to minimise the festival’s carbon footprint.

  • Parking Ticket: $20


Security will be present from Friday afternoon and will be conducting thorough car searches as there is NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED within the campsite. Upon reasonable and formal request, police, security and/or campsite management have the right to search you, your car or your campsite for public safety and risk mitigation reasons. If any banned substances (alcohol, drugs etc.) are found in your car or possession, it will be confiscated immediately.

However, we will have a fully operating bar and licensed area on Friday night in the camp site!


There will be adequate food trucks, beverages and general store items to be purchased within the camp site.


Campers will be treated to free entertainment (including a silent disco into the wee hours) on site on Friday night.


If you would like to camp with your friends, you MUST arrive with them. Overly elaborate campsites are discouraged, so you will be asked to downsize if you arrive with enough gear to re-create your lounge room.


  • Please refrain from camping under trees
  • Please refrain from climbing trees
  • If you come across any insects or wildlife (snakes, spiders etc), do not approach – find the nearest staff member or security


Only those with camping tickets and camping wristbands are allowed in the campground. Anyone found in the campgrounds without the correct wristband will have their event band confiscated and will be ejected from the festival.


Small and portable music devices, camping cookers, torches, personal items/food/drinks, camping chairs etc


Alcohol, campfires, fireworks, fire twirling paraphernalia (sticks, balls etc), warning flares, illegal drugs, skateboards, boogie boards, couches, anything studded (i.e. belts, wristbands etc.), weapons of any kind, fireworks, professional still cameras (small still cameras ARE allowed), laser lights, umbrellas (bring a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead), water pistols, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, strictly no animals.


Generators are not permitted within the camp grounds for music. However, we allow small and portable dock devices for music.

You can bring your own generator for other purposes, however as there is a noise curfew from 10.30pm, your generator will have to be turned off before this time.


There will be limited to no access to power so please bring spare batteries etc.


Portable showers will be available at the campsite for patron use. They will be located in the middle of the camp site so they can be accessed easily throughout the event. Please plan your shower trips as there may be queues and hot water may be limited at times. You are required to bring your own soaps and toiletries to the campsite. Showers will be open 24hrs except for when they need to be serviced and cleaned. Please be considerate to the environment when using these!


Portaloos will be available around the campsite for patron use. There will be multiple toilet locations so they can be accessed easily throughout the campsite area. Public urination and improper conduct will result in ejection from the campsite, event and police fines. Please be considerate to the environment when using these!


There will be lockers provided at the campsite but will be a charge per locker to be hired. Valuables and other small items will be able to be placed into private site cloak room style lockers. The sizes of the lockers are limited and it is advised that bags and clothing will have to be stored in your tents or on your campsite. Lockers will have phone charging power outlet facilities with them!


Please put your rubbish in the bins and try recycle when you can. Help us keep both the festival and campsite clean.