Do’s and Don’ts For #Msf17

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There’s nothing like a truly great festival experience. One that’s lasting and makes you want to head back to that festival the next year. Make the most of your festival experience with these basic do’s and don’ts.


  • Help a brotherĀ out – if you can see someone is hurt, dehydrated or lost, see what you can do to help them. You never know, your help might make or break their festival experience
  • Look out for your mates – make sure everyone’s got plenty of water and a way to keep in contact
  • Get creative – we love seeing what outfits you come up with each year
  • Pick a place to meet your friends in case someone gets lost
  • Make sure your phone is charged, or bring along a portable charger
  • Plan ahead – we’ve got set times for the festival up on the site now, so get planning!


  • Be a dickhead – it goes without saying really
  • Touch other people without their permission – this one also goes without saying
  • Bring illicit substances in – you can find a list of all of our banned items on the website
  • Spend all day taking photos – we’ve got photographers ready on the day for that
  • Think that you won’t get burnt – let’s be real, it’s always worse than you think it will be

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