How to be eco-friendly at Mountain Sounds Festival

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We’re teaming up with Take 3, a clean beach and clean planet initiative, to deliver the cleanest and most green Mountain Sounds Festival that we can.

By making sustainability integral to the festival’s continuation, Mountain Sounds Festival always has community and impact on its mind. The Central Coast will forever be our home, which is why we love working with and to promote the local community and businesses.

Take 3’s mission is to significantly reduce global plastic pollution through education and participation. By encouraging others to simply take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach or wherever you may be, they believe it’s a collective amount of smaller actions that can have a big impact.

Be sure to hit up the Take 3 tent at Mountain Sounds Festival to get some more info on the initiative.

For now, here are some ways you can make this Mountain Sounds Festival as eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable as possible.

  1. Be accountable and hold your mates accountable for your waste
    If you’re finished with your drink, put it in one of the many recycling bins that will be around on the day. If you see your mates not doing the right thing, pull them up! No one likes a tosser.
  2. Do a spot-clean when you’re taking a break
    There’s a million and one places to sit at and relax at Mountain Sounds Festival. If we all work together to keep our spaces clean, litter will not be as big an issue. Remember, simply Take 3.
  3. Reuse your water bottle
    If you find yourself purchasing a couple of bottles of water throughout the day, try and hold off. You’ll save yourself a bit of cash, plus it means that we’re minimising the festival’s waste output. There will be water stations planted around the festival site so there will be no need to purchase more than one bottle.
  4. Be conscious of cigarette butts
    If you see a couple of cans lying around, why not combine the two? Finish your cigarette, place the butt inside a can, pick up 2 more and find a bin for them. Two birds with one stone!
  5. Get involved with Take 3 at the festival
    Take 3 will have their own space where you can relax, interact with various events (there’s going to be a Photobooth!) and learn about ways to keep MSF as clean and green as possible.

Photo by Four Minutes To Midnight

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