Last minute check-list for all you MSF18 camping adventurers

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You’ve got your ticket?  You’ve got a couple of mates?  You’ve been listening to the MSF18 playlist on repeat?  The car’s packed for a road trip up the mountain to our new festival site? 

We’d say you’re about ready for Mountain Sounds Festival 2018. Before you head off – here’s our last minute packing list for everyone who got super keen and forgot they might still need some essentials….we’re looking at pretty much all of you 😏.

  • Pack a tent…It seems crazy obvious but you’d be surprised! If you’re having a team sleepover – make sure your tent fits everyone.
  • Tarps – rain, hail or shine, these bad boys have got your back.
  • Tent pegs – check before you leave whether your pegs are inside your tent bag.
  • Sleeping bags/blankets/pillows – there’s nothing better than collapsing into a pile of pillows after a day of grooving to Gang of Youths, Motez and Touch Sensitive.
  • Gumboots! Even if there’s only the slightest chance of rain Mother Nature can still trick you and turn it on 🌳🌍.
  • ID, ticket and card – MSF18 is an 18+ event and ALL mountaineers will be checked upon arrival. Don’t forget your ID because you will 100% have to go home and get it – we promise 😉.
  • Food and snacks – don’t forget to pack enough for you and your mates. There will be a tonne of stalls available on site, but having food at your campsite will help you save cash and time.
  • Water – there will be water available inside to buy and through various fountains, but it doesn’t hurt to bring a few extra bottles to the campsite. This will help you be an eco-friendly mountaineer (by reusing your bottles) as well as save you some mulla on the day.
  • Communal table and chairs – Easy to forget, and when forgotten makes for sad reacts only 😢. Put it high on your list and make sure you bring them to MSF!
  • Items such as medication, sanitary items, sunscreen, sunglasses, comfy shoes, cold and wet weather gear & a hat.

Last but definitely not least, bring good vibes to MSF18! If you see anyone doing anything uncool, or trying to ruin the festival for someone else, report them and see if that person is doing okay.

Us mountaineers are all in this together so let’s look after each other and have the best Mountain Sounds we can.  🌈

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