#Msf17 Survival Guide

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It goes without saying really that you’ve got to look out for you and your mates at any event you head to. We’ve put a couple of hot tips together to ensure that you can make it through #Msf17¬†without any hitches, glitches or hiccups.

Before you even head to the mountain, make sure you’ve packed a coupla things:

  • Your tickets – seems like an obvious one but tickets are super easy to forget. If you’ve bought tix off someone else, don’t stress about changing the names. You’re good to go regardless.
  • Valid form of ID (Driver’s License, Proof of Age Card, Passport) – MSF 17 is a strictly 18+ event and there will be event staff and police present too
  • Sunscreen and shades – regardless of whether it’s going to be a scorcher or not, always be sunsafe
  • Comfy shoes – this one goes without saying really

If you’re training it up or down to Gosford Station remember to either bring cash to purchase a bus ticket, or pre-purchase one here to save a bit of time and dosh.

If you and your mates are driving, pile ’em up to get a parking spot for free. If you come with four people in the car (only three if you’re camping), you’re eligible to park for free. Otherwise, pre-purchase a parking pass here for $20. This is to encourage you to carpool and reduce the festival’s carbon footprint.

Now that you’re ready to go enjoy¬†the festival, welcome!

Make sure you and your mates have a plan of attack:

  • Organise a spot to meet in case one of you gets lost
  • Stay hydrated – if you notice one of your mates is looking a little parched, say something
  • Check out the set times here to plan your day in advance
  • Be kind to one another – this one goes without saying, be kind to not only your mates, but those around you too

If you’re camping, don’t forget these essential items:

  • Tent – you’d be surprised at what people forget
  • Sleeping bag/blankets – it gets pretty cool at night
  • Water – stock up! Coles and Woolies do a pretty decent deal on 24 packs of water bottles, but be sure to recycle these properly when you’re finished with them
  • Enough snacks – I always underestimate how hungry I get at festival’s, so be sure to pack more than enough for you and your mates
  • Something warm – on the off chance it gets cool at night
  • Something to protect you from the rain – there’s nothing worse than being caught off guard

Now that you’re ready to party, here are a couple of things you think you may not need, but are always handy to have on hand:

  • Baby wipes – those things are heaven sent
  • Wet weather gear – even if it’s not forecasted to rain, keep it in the back of your mind
  • Earplugs – tinitus is real and not very kind
  • Hand sanitiser – makes your hands feel and smell good and is just generally something great to have on hand
  • Portable phone charger – just in case

Whilst there are things to remember to bring, there are also a few things you should leave at home too:

  • A bad attitude – no one likes a dickhead in the crowd. You don’t want to be remembered as that person that ruined the festival for someone else
  • Illicit substances – as usual, there will be a heavy police presence at MSF 17. We’ll be working with police to combat this and anti-social behaviour
  • Grabby hands – keep your hands to yourself. Consent is sexy.

Lastly, while you’re at MSF 17 remember to:

  • Have fun!
  • Listen to officials and staff
  • If you see someone is struggling, intoxicated or just generally unhealthy, get help. There will be paramedics on site.
  • Drink water – it’s going to be quite a long day
  • Take lots of pictures – use the hashtag #MSF17 on the day, we love seeing all of your pictures
  • Stay nourished – there will be plenty of food on site with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options too

Photo by Life Without Andy

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