Our top five local acts at #msf17

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We’re all about bringing some of the biggest and best acts that you love to the Central Coast for MSF each year, but we’re also all about giving some of our local favs a go too. Here are our top five acts that you need to check out whilst on the mountain.

Sammi Constantine

One of our fav up and comers at the moment is Sammi Constantine. This dynamic powerhouse knows how to deliver a tune, and she’s got a great artillery of tracks under her belt too ready to take to the stage at MSF. Playing shows locally and in Sydney too, she recently performed at Sydney Festival.

Her latest track ‘Closing In’ is a pop wonderland. Tinged with glitchy melodies and bass-heavy rhythms, her vocals are what ring through this one: confident, empowering and well-tempered.


If dreamy pop duos are your forté, add Elaskia to your repertoire. The duo won Battles of the Bands on the coast last year, and subsequently were able to record their newest single, ‘Mine’.

Harbouring a great blend of electronic beats and electric guitars, it’s a “two world’s colliding” sort of love affair. Add the incredibly ominous vocals that add immense depth to this sound, and you’ve got something huge.

Tropical Zombie

The Tropical Zombie boys are absolutely no strangers to the Mountain Sounds Festival stage. We’re stoked to have them bringing some epic summer vibes back to the mountain for their fourth year.

It’s been a big year for the boys, playing shows up and down the coast and in Sydney too. It’s no secret that their live show is anything short of energetic and immersive, and if anything, no matter how you gee yourself up, you’re still going to be blown away.


Nelipot are one of those bands who just get it. Injecting some classic rock flavour into a pool of indie and alt rock, their music is well-structured, intimate, sharp and technical.

With each recording, the quality and confidence of their music increases tenfold. They’ve got a new track out called ‘Denim’, and it’s becoming quite definitive what we are too expect from Nelipot.


Serving up some sweet psychedelic rock, the boys from Soy are onto something good. 2017 has seen them support Hockey Dad and play with a couple of their own tunes too. They’ve been playing shows for a while now too, so we’re keen to see what they bring to Mountain Sounds Festival.

Check out their tune ‘Racecourse’ below.

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