Stuck on costume ideas for our Friday night rave ‘Magic Mountain’? Here’s a few ideas…

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We’re so stoked to be bringing Mountain Sounds Festival as per usual, but also our Friday night bash, Magic Mountain too!

Featuring sets from Torren Foot,┬áJimmy 2 Sox, Motorik Vibe Council and more, it’s going to be a great way to ease yourself into the spirit of the festival. And get you amped up.

With any late night festival party, it’s always better with a theme. The theme for this bash is ‘Magic Mountain’, so with that being said, if you’re stuck on ideas, here’s a few to get you started:


If you Google ‘unicorn makeup’, there’s possibly an infinite number of different inspos there to get you started. Get creative! Spotlight is one of your best bets when it comes to glitter and face jewels.

Image result for unicorn makeup


Break out those flower crowns and kids wings, because this one’s a classic. Douse yourself in glitter, face paint and a long flow-y skirt and you’ve got yourself a look.


  • Get wild with your ideas
  • Plan ahead! Head along to your nearest craft of party store to check out things like hairspray, glitter, body paint and more
  • Get a group costume together – the more the merrier!


  • Cultural appropriation i.e. Bindi’s, Native American headdress – unless you are of that culture,┬ádon’t
  • Blackface – never appropriate
  • Be a dick – it goes without saying, really

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